The Director General of RSoft,Ltd

January, 5, 2001

Public offer “RSoft, Ltd.”
about providing of information-marketing services
(information reports) to Clients
on the 5-th of January 2001

Information-marketing Company “RSoft, Ltd” gives you an opportunity to receive information reports about companies, banks, markets and others on the basis of preliminary Orders.

Service’s cost:

Service’s cost of providing of information reports on the basis of your Orders is came to the agreement with you about terms of fulfillment and volume, and may accounted from 10 to 100 000 USD (see to the corresponding descriptions of services).

To draw up an Order you should to fill in a form in accordance with the address pointed and to send it to us. Address for drawing up of the Order: http://www.rsoft.ru/english/orders/zakazr.asp (in the corresponding section).

After discussion of content, terms of fulfillment and report’s coast you’ll receive an invoice for its payment.

The propose is considered to be an accepted one, if you fill in an Order and fulfill a service’s payment.

We’ll start to fulfill works after we receive a payment acknowledge from you or after your money remittance to our bank account.

After fulfilling information report will be sent to you by e-mail, whose address you should indicate on the Order’s form.

The service is considered to be an accepted one by you if you receive preliminary coordinated with content and terms report by e-mail in the sufficient volume and coordinated terms. The fact of providing of the service is made official by Act of fulfilled services, that should be certified on the part of you.

The client settles the account on the basis of the public offer during 3 working days from the date of receiving of the account. RSoft, Ltd. (further – RSoft) has a right to break off validity of Invoice with preliminary notification in a written form in the case if payment isn’t fulfilled in the indicated period.

Information provided by RSoft serves for commercial using in the Client’s interests.

RSoft has a right not to disclose a source of information provided to the Client.

The Client agrees, that information provided by RSoft may be used only as auxiliary factor when taking of decisions.

In the case when the Client annul the Order during its fulfilling, RSoft stops works, and the Order is reckoned among fulfilled orders in proportion with costs of RSoft on fulfilled works in fact.

RSoft guarantees works and terms of their fulfilling, indicated in the Invoice’s subject. All disagreements between Parties are regulated in accordance with the current legislation of Russian Federation.

The Parties are released from the responsibility of infringement of the Invoice’s conditions, if these infringements are caused by force-major circumstances.

The Invoice’s transmitting is fulfilled through facsimile.

Validity of Invoice expires after fulfilling of all obligations, indicated in the Invoice’s subject.

If you agree with the conditions, go on to the section of filling in of a form in the section that you need.

Alexander M.Pertel,
Director General of RSoft, Ltd.

Address and bank properties:

Destination: RSoft, Ltd.
Address: off. 424, 7a, Lermontovskiy av., St.Petersburg, 190068, Russia.
Phone: +7 (812) 309-4809
Fax: +7 (812) 309-4855
Partner@rsoft.ru, http://www.rsoft.ru