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General Director of LLC “RSoft, Ltd.”
A.M. Pertel

“05”, January 2001

LLC RSoft, Ltd. Public offer
on providing information and marketing services
(information reports) to Clients
on January 05, 2001

Information marketing company LLC RSoft, Ltd." provides You with the opportunity to receive information reports on companies, banks, markets and other matters based on preliminary Requests left in the oral (at a meeting or by telephone, written or electronic form (by e-mail, Fax or through the form on the website).

The cost of the service:
• Cost of services to provide information reports based on Your Requests consistent in terms of performance and size (orally (at a meeting or by telephone, written or electronic form (by e-mail, Fax or through the form on the website), and can range from 10 to 100,000 USD (see the corresponding descriptions).
Upon approval of the contents, terms and prices of the report, You will be billed (by proforma Invoice) for payment.

This offer shall be deemed accepted once You make the payment for the services.

Next, after receiving your payment confirmation or after Your money transfer to our Bank account (transit account ), we proceed to the execution of works.

Completed information report will be sent to You by e-mail (to e-mail address which You indicated in the Application form. )

The service shall be deemed accepted by You if You receive all the information of pre-agreed contents by e-mail in sufficient quantity and according to timeline.

The customer makes a payment by (Invoice) on the basis of the public offer within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the Invoice). RSoft, Ltd. (further RSoft) has the right to terminate (Invoice) with prior written notice, if the payment was not made within the specified period.

Information provided by RSoft is intended for commercial use in the interests of the Customer.

RSoft has the right not to disclose the sources of information, provided to the Customer

The customer agrees that information provided by RSoft can be used only as an additional factor when making decisions.

If during the execution of the works, the Customer cancels an Application, RSoft stops working, and the Application is considered to be completed, commensurate with the costs of RSoft on the actually performed work.

RSoft guarantees of work and the deadline are as agreed with client and covered by Invoice. All disputes between the Parties shall be governed in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

The parties are released from responsibility for violation of the conditions for the Account (Invoice), if these violations were caused by force majeure.

Invoice is transferred in Fax or scanned form by e-mail.

Invoice expires upon fulfillment of all obligations specified in the subject of the Invoice.

Address and Bank details.

Alexander M.Pertel,
Director General of RSoft, Ltd.



Destination: RSoft, Ltd.
Address: off. 424, 7a, Lermonovskiy av., Saint-Petersburg, 190068, Russia.
Phone: +7 (812) 309-4809

Fax: +7 (812) 309-4855

Bank information:
Correspondent bank: SOGEFRPP
Societe Generale S.A., Paris

Beneficiary bank: RSBNRUMM
Beneficiary: RSoft, Ltd.
Account: 40702978594517700184
Address of the beneficiary: Russia, St.Petersburg, 190068, Lermontovskiy pr., 7, off.424