Information report

Information report tells You about Your potential business-partner's direction of activity, his solvency and financial position. Information report is presented as formated product.

In maximum, Information Report includes:

General Information(Address details, forms of property, registration data, number of personnels of the Company, brief history of the Company, forms of activity, information about Key personnel of the Company, subsidiaries, departments, branch establishments etc.);
List of Banks, which Company uses;
Additional events, which define the Company (participation of the Company in official actions, arbitration, legal proceedings, and also another information, which can someone define the Company);
The latest financial information (balance data, profit and loss reports);
Property of the Company and it's partners.

Information report lets You:

To make an efficient decision about expediency and conditions of the mutual relations with potential partner;
To avoid granting a loan or credit to an unreliable company or under agreement with unreliable company;
To estimate perspective and degree of financial risk of particular projects with the Company;
To make business relations with Your present partners correctly.

The Cost of Information Report varies, depending on range of the report and region: from $100 up to $500 + VAT(20%).

Our Information Report is Your efficient business decision.

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