Marketing reviews
Information-marketing company RSoft, Ltd. works on the international market and business information and advertising services since 1992, being an expert on it.
We help companies in b2b sector (including complex), to study the markets and find new customers.

1. Output of goods and services to new markets (Russia and other countries), through a system of attracting customers.

The issues we solved:
· expansion of nomenclature of products and services to better meet the needs of the market,
· geographic market expansion of products and services
· search of potential customers,
and several others.

To enter the markets of Russia and other countries, and the development of sales in these markets, we conduct for Clients, the following works:
- "Competitive benchmarketing".
Results: expansion of the range; expanding markets and new niche markets; offer products to new potential customers (e.g., customers, competitors),
- "Search for potential foreign customers."
Results: list of importing companies importing similar products to the chosen country from different countries and / or list of companies of potential clients in various markets / segments in the right country
- "Pre-work with potential clients".
The results of field work with potential clients: list of companies, really, not potentially interested in products or services to the Customer that the Customer will be to undertake final commercial negotiations for the sale of specific products or services.

2. RSoft, Ltd. is carrying out local, regional and countrial Marketing researches by the following basic directions, most of which are based on professional questionnaire designing and questionnaire working out:
Pusto.gif (905 bytes) Market research;
Consumers research;
Competitors research;
Goods research;
Prices research (any kind of goods/services).

Our marketing researches lets You:
To estimate competitor situation;
To forecast market development;
To define an effective methods of competitory behavour on market;
To model consumer's behavour;
To forecast expecting consumer's demand;
To define an accordance between properties of goods and their quality and interests of a consumers;
To develop the range of goods according to consumer's interests;
To develop price policy;
To develop effective methods of goodsselling;
To rise Your company's authority on the market.
Marketing researches experience;
Wide range of actual and authentic information resources using;
Primary marketing information collecting directly "from the places";
Individual approach and permanent direct contact with our Customer;

Experience of actions on Information market of Russia, knowledge of information needs, long-time positive business relationships with different state and independent informational structures on the territory of Russia, CIS and abroad countries, individual approach and permanent contacts with the Customer, guarantee an obsurvance of main property of the information - its authenticity.

List the names and descriptions of some of the works can be seen here.

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