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Emission material and quarter reports on securities of
Commercial Banks of Russia

Credit Company information

Credit Company placement

Shareholders list, who owns more than 5% part of Chartrer Fund of credit Company - emitent

Juridical persons list, whose shares Company-emitent owns in more than 20% part

Key personnel structure of credit Company,  fixed with regulation

Director's council of credit Company; Members of Council list

Branches and subsidiaries of credit Company; Branch establishments

Reorganization of credit Company-emitent and it's branches

Reports about disclosed events, related with financial-economic activity of the credit Company-emitent, during reporting period

Financial situation of the credit Company

Balance on the accounts of second order and profits/losses report

Profits using and reserve funds creating/using report

Obligatory econimic standarts of Company activity calculation (on the end of reporting quarter)

Events, leaded to increasing of profits/losses of credit organization for amount of more than 20% (during reporting quarter) in comparision with previous quarter

Events, leaded to increasing/decreasing of credit Company's assets for amount of more than 10%, during reporting quarter

Deal events of credit Company-emitent, total value of which exceeds 10% of assets of credit Company-emitent, according to deal date

Information about investment directions, related with securities emission

Value of overdue debts to creditors, budget and non-budget funds (on the end of the reporting quarter)

Information about sanctions, maded by state administration, court or arbitration tribunal during reporting quarter

Emitent's securities information

Securities, published during reporting quarter

Information about another types of securities, publlished  by credit Company during reporting quarter

Information about profits on securities of credit   Company-emitent, during reporting period

Additional information: about sanctions, profits on promissory notes and deposit sertificates, other information.

Report cost: $10 - 40 US + VAC(20%)
Term of information delivering: up to 3 hours from the moment of request receiving

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