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Welcome to the Business Information Server of Rsoft, Ltd. company. You can find here: information about companies, markets, legislation in Russia and abroad... You can get an opportunity to use our databases online, learn about economical and another news from Russia... And of course, representatives of our partners are wating for You in here...

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<body> <p>Server of information and marketing company RSoft,Ltd. Business information. Sevises - marketing reports, reviews. Information reports about firms, banks, companies. Statistics of foreign economic activities. Company profiles. About Moneyline Telerate (Datarate). Art-gallery. Music club. Enterprises cards. Data bases in Russian.<br> The business information server of the company RSoft, Ltd. On our server you can : find business information on companies, markets, legislation; get business electronic directories, books, catalogues; learn about economical and other news in Russia; look through the representations of our partners. Key word - Information business; Marketing researches and information on companies; Business information report; Business information systems: licensed programmes, business electronic directories, catalogues, books; Investment projects of the companies; Investment projects of the companies; Information on the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation; Audit, presentation of legal persons and companies in disputes in the sphere of business, economy and finances. </p> </body>