Statistic of foreign economic activity

Statistic data about export-import operations of Russian companies is information for estimation of competition environment, for disclosing of new commodity markets and possible partners, for estimation of market’s capacity, prospects, seasonal prevalence and other indexes (see below).

One can receive data on the basis of activity of more than 450 000 Russian participants of foreign economic activity since first months of 1994 year.

Table 1: Extract from massif



maximum term of providing of information after money receipt

Price, Euro

Export or import to group of goods (extract to the Foreign Trade Commodity Nomenclature-code – FTCN)


4 days

see Table 2

Export or import of Russian company


2 days


Table 2: Extract to FTCN-code


for 1 quarter, Euro

for half a year, Euro

for 1 year

First 6 or more signs (good)




First 4 signs (group of goods)




First 2 signs (catalogue’s section)




To make an order we ask you to send an inquiry with indicating of FTCN-codes (or description of the goods) and period for which you need information (for example, for 1999 year or for 1st quarter of 2000 year) by e-mail or fax.

You may also indicate other criterions: operation (export, import), name of exporter/importer, name of good/FTCN-code, date of freight’s output, country-producer, package, lot’s volume, weight, invoice value, transaction’s currency, delivery terms (CIF, FOB …), art of transport (road, see), custom station.

Besides, we ask you to indicate post and bank properties of your enterprise for official registration of account documents. After that we’ll fulfil your order, come to an agreement with you about terms and make an invoice by fax.

Maximum term of providing of reports discussed: to 3-5 days after payment’s acknowledge. Delivery is fulfilled in a form of file (.XLS or .MDB) by e-mail.

Payment is fulfilled through account (or invoice) on the basic of public offer:

Account documents (account, invoice, statement about providing-receiving of works) are send by post in the day of money remittance to the account.

There is a discount of 5% from the total order’s value with order for several FTCN-codes and/or for several companies.

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